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Speaking In Front of Crowd

Informative Public Speaking in Nashville, TN

At Nommo Word Magic, we believe in the healing effects of language and open discourse. While language has historically been used to generate oppressive and hurtful stereotypes, it is through dialog that we broaden our understanding and build a more positive future. 

Our founders, Mike and Linda, are dedicated to engaging in critical dialog about race, history, and politics. For more information about booking them for public speaking in Nashville, TN, please contact us

About Our Lectures 

We understand the importance of celebrating diversity and creating stronger communities through education and respect. What is central to our mission is taking an honest and critical look at our history and culture in order to establish an informed understanding from which we can achieve real progress. 

At our speaking engagements and lectures, we cover a number of topics that are intended to create constructive communication about who we are, where we have been, and where we are (or could be) going. Topics we often present to audiences and student groups include:

  • Black Literature
  • Black Theater
  • Women’s Studies
  • Current Politics

If you have any questions about our services as lecturers or professional voiceover artists, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.